Fully functional as-is, yet designed with the flexibility to expand as needed. Easy to use, open-source, and ready to redefine your digital interactions. 

Our compact yet powerful device comes equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It's like having your very own magic wand that lets you command gates, garage doors, lights, and even electrical appliances at the flick of your wrist!

Embrace your inner wizard as you duplicate plastic cards and key fobs, read tags, implants, and even pet microchips. With RFID, not only do you get to open doors, but you also unlock infinite possibilities. Unrestricted access in your grasp? Dive right in!

Facilitate your interaction with the world around you through the power of Near Field Communication (NFC), embedded in the M1. It's more than a device, it's an all-in-one tool for seamless copying and storing everyday objects like transit passes and membership cards.

Equipped with the ability to clone cards and read Unique Serial codes (UID), the M1 effortlessly bridges the gap between the physical and the digital. Experience this new level of practicality and efficiency. With the M1, data sharing becomes an intuitive part of your daily interactions.

We've integrated infrared (IR) technology to enhance your daily interactions with electronics. You can send specific commands to your devices, facilitating effortless operation of audio, video, and various other electronic equipment.

We don’t play favorites either. It works like a charm with all sorts of brands and devices. Plus, with its ability to copy and clone other remotes, you've got all your controls in one place. Why complicate life when you can make it simpler and more intuitive?

Need more room? No problem! The M1 comes with an SD card slot that comfortably supports up to 32GB. That's like having a mini library right in your pocket!

"Expandable memory", "32GB SD card compatibility", and "enhanced storage capacity" are not just fancy terms to us – they're our promise to you. Whether you're storing precious memories, crucial data, or your latest creations, our device has got you covered.

Let's get our geek on! The device's GPIO pins can be configured as input or output, enabling you to connect and control various electronic components, such as sensors, LEDs, and switches.

Transform the way you interact with technology using the M1.

Get ready to explore new horizons with the USB function. With a simple USB Type-C connection, you can link up our device to your PC and unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

From deploying payloads and controlling various devices to automating tasks, the M1 becomes your trusty sidekick when connected to a PC.. But it doesn't stop there! This USB functionality is also your launchpad for exploration and creativity. Go ahead, utilize the “USB functions", "Connect to computers" –the digital realm is your playground!


ARM Cortex 32 bit SRAM 256


13.56 MHz
Multiple Cards Supported 




TX/RX range 800nm

SD Card

Read/Write up to 5 Mbit/s


Up to 20mA per pin


IEEE 802.15.4-2011
Support for 2 Mbps


USB Type C
Port Charging

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A compact, powerful cybersecurity/ethical hacking multitool.